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Old and new RP ideas

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Old and new RP ideas

Post by DarkWolfProwler on Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:58 am

I have recently been able to get back into the swing of things. If you want to RP with me, I have a couple ideas brewing in my mind! If you like them please comment below or PM me, either is fine.
*Be advised some of these are twisted ideas*

1. Mature - Yuri/Straight - Humanoid/Werewolf
  Little Red Riding Hood - The Other Tale
  Basically it will be a mature version of the story, resulting in Red and the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) falling in love, or at least, in lust. I was thinking the BBW could be a Werewolf instead of just an average wolf and he will become obsessed with her. They can either come together in these three ways:
  ~ They fall in love by the BBW being nice
  ~ The BBW saves her from something in the forest
  ~ The BBW steals her and forces love onto her
  (I can play either character, it does not bother me. I will also let you choose how they come together.)

  2. Mature - Yaoi/Yuri/Straight - Humanoid/Neko
  Not based after anything in particular...
  So, there is a prince/princess that has run away from home (they are the Neko). The King has sent an assassin to find the child and kill it, allowing the King's reign to continue with no issues. But the assassin falls in love with the prince/princess and cannot kill them. (It can be any gender you choose!)

  3. Mature - Yaoi - Humanoid
  Not based off anything in particular...
  My character is a male, he is currently dating a female, but finds that he has feelings for his gay best friend. The gay BF loves my character and does anything he can to get with him, without directly breaking up my character and his gf. But your character will have an abusive BF and my character, will save them from it and eventually have sex and fall in love. In hanging out, I need a dominant character to try and pull his attention to guys, while in bed, he will take a sub stance.

4. Mature - Straight/Yoai/Yuri - Humanoid/Vampire or Werewolf
  I have done this before...
  My character is a werewolf slave, being purchased by yours. You can be a human or a vampire. You can beat my character, sexually abuse them, but in the end, you shall fall in love with them. Of course it will be a taboo thing, as slave masters do not fall in love with said beings. This can be played in any gender class which is most comfortable with you!

  5. Mature - Yuri - Humanoid
  Cop & Robber
  Basically my character shall be a cop and she finds you stealing something. They can have a past or just find one another attractive OR the my character can be a lesbian, finding yours to be attractive and uses her social status as a way to exploit the robber. This will be very mature, as my character will try and woo the other with pleasure in many places and by many ways.

  6. Mature - Yaoi/Straight - Humanoid
  Based on nothing...
  Your character is captured and will be sexually tortured. You can be male or female, I have no qualms. I don't have much story to it, other than your character will be forced to take a sex drug, which forces them to want it, even though in their mind they do not. You can choose to love it, or keep hating it the whole time. Either is fine with me.

  7. Mature - Straight/Yuri - Humanoid
  Based on nothing...
  Two characters find a liking in another during their classes together in high school. They even say they have a crush on one another, but with news of their single parents wishing to marry one another, it throws a wrench into their plan. But when the family starts to live with one another, the step-siblings will still be drawn to one another and have a lot of passionate sex. But they can't tell anyone, for others will think it is nasty and weird. I would like to expand this and possibly have some drama at school with another person flirting with your character, making mine jealous. It would be crazy and awesome!

  8. Mature - Straight - Humanoid
  Based on nothing...
  So basically it's about this dude who was wrongfully accused of murder. He gets a life sentence and then escapes. He runs home to his ex girlfriend, who he was engaged too, but broke it off for some stupid reasons. The thing is she still loves him and wants to help, but if she helps him she would be wanted by the police. So basically this is the ordeal... your character can either turn him in or run around the world with him.... I'm the dude and you can be the gal!

I have plenty more ideas, but this shall do for now!

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Re: Old and new RP ideas

Post by Zephyr on Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:33 pm

I think I would enjoy #3 and 6 quite a bit, if those are still available plots Smile


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Re: Old and new RP ideas

Post by DarkWolfProwler on Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:51 pm

Those are both still available!

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Re: Old and new RP ideas

Post by Sponsored content

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