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Just a Couple...

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Just a Couple...

Post by DarkWolfProwler on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:00 pm

I have recently been able to get back into the swing of things. If you want to RP with me, I have a couple ideas brewing in my mind! If you like them please comment below or PM me, either is fine.
*Be advised some of these are twisted ideas*

1. Mature - Yaoi/Straight - Humanoid
Brokeback Mountain - In A New Light
For all who have seen the movie, or at least know the story, two friends find love in one another, though one is married (or both, can't remember). Anyways, I would like to play the male who chooses to fall in love with another than his wife. You can be a man or a woman, either is cool with me. The two shall keep it a secret for a long time and perhaps the wife finds out (which either one of us can play).

2. Mature - Straight - Humanoid/Fantasy
Based off Supernatural... Kinda...
My character will be LIKE Sam Winchester, handsome and a great hunter. He does not need to have a brother, but he will need a partner of some kind. I have a very basic idea for this, but my character will fall in love with yours. She can either be a fantasy thing like a vampire, werewolf, demon, or what have you... My character will have to choose between killing her or letting her live.
(multiple characters can be brought into this for more substance and a longer thread.)

3. Mature - Straight - Humanoid
Based off of Kingdom Hearts
I would like a relationship to be built between Sora and Kairi, I shall be Sora... We can even add Riku in for some drama. Perhaps Kairi is torn between the two?

4. Mature - Straight - Wolf
Based off Wolf's Rain
I love the anime VERY much and would like nothing more than to tell the story of what would happen if they all survived and even bringing in new characters that we can make up. I shall be Kiba as he is my favorite and we can have other wolves as well. It will be detailed and graphic!

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