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Post by Junebug on Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:12 pm

Nicknames: I've claimed so many nicknames it would take forever for me to list. Junebug is fine, along with JuJu Doll or even Bugz for short. I'm also fine with people calling me by my real name, Kia (Ky-uh), and no, I was not named after the car company.

Your Personality: Naturally I'm a free-minded spirit with little to judge on people about. I enjoy making people laugh most of all, I'm quite the sarcastic smart ass for a warning, but all's well it leaves people with a smile. Its strange to describe myself, as I am a bit of everything I suppose. I'm not athletic, nor extremely intelligent, but I range more towards what I like to call 'the outcasts.' In other words, I'm a Junebug! There is no other like me in this world, for I am both a lone wolf at times as well as a social butterfly! In my spare time I am either caught drawing Anime, listening to music, or even typing up replies when I do not have pounds of homework. As for a job... I'm just an every day freshman trying to live the day to the fullest with what I'm given. C:

Comfort Zone: There is no stopping level for me, but I do say that things like very very pervertive manners in characters can throw my mood off, its not pretty. It's one thing to make a funny dirty comment once, but another few times while trying to have a normal conversation is just not cool anymore. I'm up for almost anything actually, Fantasy, Sexual Related-Threads (All Sexual Orientations included), Humanoid... I'm down, just give me a couple ideas and I'll think on it!

How Long Have You Been RPing?: Since November of 2012.

What Other Sites Do You Play On?:
  • Havens Grove (Realistic Literate Wolf RP Site):
    - Warrior Tragedy of Cedar Grove
    - Warrior Jasper of Maple Woods

  • Age of the Wolves (Realistic Wolf RP Site): Assistant Moderator
    - Beta Juno of Helidos
    - Healer Cliche of Erenyx
    - Apprentice Apollo of Helidos

  • The Lost Ones (Literate Fantasy Werewolf RP Site): Site Co-Owner
    - Alphess Noctavia of Eternal Darkness
    - Guardian Alexander of Venantium

  • Lunari Addunt (Literate Fantasy RP Site): Administrator
    - Regina Eden, Leader of the Shifters
    - Delta Titus of the Werewolves

  • Dream World (Literate RP Forum):
    - Insidious, played by several characters on one account.

How Did You Find Phantasia?: I created it with the help of DarkWolfProwler! :3

Would You Refer Us To Friends?: Hell yeah!

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