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RPing Ideas (3) With Animals

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RPing Ideas (3) With Animals Empty RPing Ideas (3) With Animals

Post by NotCensored on Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:56 am

(If you would like to add anything to these ideas, you may PM me. Thank you Smile)

1.) A Remake of Lady and the Tramp
It doesn't matter to me at all if I'm Lady or Tramp, but we will remake into our own style. First Lady would run away from home or take a nice stroll. Tramp would be hitting on another female or running away from humans trying to shoo him away. While after that all they run into each other and each see a spark in their eyes.

2.) (Mature/Depends) Animals Unable To Make Love (They shift as well)
These two creatures/animals both love each other, but the same standards can't fit. It's like their discriminating for to creatures falling in love. We'll they wanted to prove their packs wrong, so they ran away and fell in love. But the problem is both of them want to make love, but they can't. They try once and then the second time.. It works.
We will time lapse through them running away and just get straight to the mature part. Only if you want to.

3.)  (Shifters/Mature) (They'll be human at first, but soon shift so on)
It would be the animal/creature of your choice and one of us would be in a cave. The other one would be roaming the forest and be captured by these random men who are to rape her. The male hears the screaming plead of the female and of coarse goes to investigate. Well it can go marvelous ways...
~Women/Shifter would be raped and the male would show many emotions, but guilt
~The male sacrifices his life for her and dies in the mixing
~The men are the males brothers and he either chooses to kill them or let them rape her
~Or they both live and run off the find shelter as the other men chase them
I can be the male or female, doesn't matter to me. You may decided on any of them or if you have an idea to add to it, you may PM me.

**I ha to think of more, but right now this is all I got. Their not the best ideas, but if you would like to choose one of the 3 thAts fine. If you have more to add to them, PM me and we can work something out*

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