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Post by DarkWolfProwler on Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:59 am

In case you were searching the lands and didn't quite know where to put a thread, we have listed the purpose of each one below! Enjoy!


Humanoid - These are for all ideas that have to do with humans. Neko/Inu/Kitsune/Werewolves do count for humanoid (if you want them to).
Book/Movie/Anime - This also includes TV as well. You will post requests to do rps based on one of the following!
Animal/Creature RP - This is for your Wolf packs, wild dog threads, or whatever you like.

Humanoid Roleplaying:
*Listed Alphabetically*

Anime - Any famous or non famous Anime out there. Examples: Naruto, Wolf's Rain, Bleach, etc.
Book - Is there a novel you enjoy and would like to play a role from it? Examples: Harry Potter, Twilight, Narnia, etc.
Descriptive - This section is for more of our Advanced players where the size of your responses and their literacy levels matter. Responses must be longer than two 4-6 sentence paragraphs.
Fantasy - This is for all of your fantasy creatures. Example: Elves, Dragons, Warlocks, etc.
Feudal - This is set in the past. Example: Medieval, Ancient Rome, etc.
Futuristic - This is for RPs set into the future. Example: Flying cars, Another WW, etc.
Horror - This place is meant to do cryptic or scary RPS. Example: Dungeons, Murders, Rapists, etc.
Mature - For those who enjoy mature content. Example: Sex, Killing, Fighting, etc.
Modern - This is set for the current age. Example: Politics, Current World Issues, etc.
Movie/TV - For RPers who wish to live out the lives of actors on the silver screen. Example: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Dear John, etc.
Romance - This section is for those that are in love with love. Examples: Love Story, One Night Stands, etc.
School - This setting is on school grounds, either public or private and the age group doesn't matter. Example: College, Private Middle School, Public High School, etc.
Science Fiction - For those who love the sci-fi stuff. Example: Aliens, Outer Space, etc.
Slave - This is for those who enjoy Slave/Master rps. Example: Bondage, Torture, etc.
Yaoi - Is for Male on Male sexual relations or relationships.
Yuri - Is for Female on Female sexual relations or relationships.

Animal/Creature Roleplaying:
*Listed Alphabetically*

City - Animals can live in the city. Example: Domesticated Animals Only
Farm - Animals that live on the farm. Example: Farm Animals Only *with the exception of predatory animals which can be found on farms*
Forest - Animals that live in the forest. Example: Wild Animals Only
Other - Any other land not stated above. Example: Beach, Ocean, Desert, etc.
Warrior Cats - Cats that are based off the book series. Example: Warrior Cats Only
Wolf Packs - Wolves living in the wild. Example: Only Wolves Allowed.
*No human/Humanoid presence is allowed in these lands*

Out Of Character:

Characters - Feel free to post their Bios here if you like. *Not Required*
Entertainment - Did you create a drawing? Or write a wonderful short story? Feel free and post them here for all to see your great work. *All Art Is Placed Here*
Graphic Design Requests - Looking for a new Avatar or Signature, but don't really know how to make one? Go ahead and post a request here!
Archives - All old threads shall be moved here when they are finished. They will not be deleted from the forum, we just like to keep the sections open and thriving.
Advertising/Affiliates - Do you own or play on another site? Feel free to advertise here! We are also accepting Affiliation requests!

*All Categories can have Mature content in them and shall be labeled as such*

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