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Jaipur Tigers - Open To All/Mature *possibly*

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Jaipur Tigers - Open To All/Mature *possibly*

Post by DarkWolfProwler on Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:39 am

Jaipur, the beautiful land is covered in lush trees of green and bushes filled with flowers. The chirping of birds can be heard from miles around. The bushes rustle from the tiny creatures escaping the way of your path. You enter into a clearing after following the scent of many tigers.  As you look around, you see a flowing river, calm and serene. There is a large den and many trees surrounding the safety of the pack. Some of the tigers around you are male and some are female, but one particular stands out to you, and you know he is the alpha of this gathering. You continue to walk and smell everything around you. You come to a stop when a large male comes walking your way.

He stares into your eyes and waits for you to speak.

Where We Live

Our Prey


1. This is a Semi-Literate RP, so you are required to write at least 3 sentences per post.
2. All Phantasia rules apply here.
3. If I ask you to leave, then do so.
4. Detailed mating and birth is allowed.
5. Please refrain from cussing.
6. If you fight one of my characters, you will lose.
7. You may not kill another character, unless both parties agree OR if you do not leave as I have asked, my alpha will kill your character.
8. NO POWERS - This is a Realistic RP.
9. TIGERS ONLY - So do not ask to be another animal or you will be asked to leave.
10. No playing as Humans.
11. If you have read these rules put "Jaipur, India" on the top of your first post.


Name: (If you wish to have a nickname, please state it)
Age: (ie - Cub, Young Adult, Adult, Elder)
Crush: (You may not date your own characters)
Mate: (You may not date your own characters)
History: (at least 3 sentences)
Personality: (at least 3 sentences)
Looks: (Realistic pics only)

My Characters

Name: Akuma
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Crush: None
Mate: None
Cubs: None
History: Akuma was raised by his father and mother, but was separated from them and the rest of his family at a very young age. For a long time he just wandered the jungles, searching for a new home, but he never really found a place that he liked. That is, until he found Jaipur. At the time that he appeared there, they had already gained an alpha male, but Akuma felt that he deserved the position, so he challenged the alpha and defeated him. He soon became the alpha male and has loved his position ever since.
Personality: Akuma is very protective of anything that he feels belongs to him. He will fight for what he believes in and doesn't care if his words offend anyone. Once you get past the hard exterior, you will find a devoted friend and companion. He will do anything for those that he cares about, it just takes some time to earn his trust.

Name: Raja
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Crush: None
Mate: None!
Cubs: Maybe soon...
History: Raja lived in a small pack of tigers as a cub, but when he was old enough, he decided to leave the safety of the group and explore the world for himself. when things started to get harder for him, he tried to find his way back, but the pack had moved. He roared for a long time to his family, but there was no response. He wandered the jungle, searching for them for years. Finally he ended his search when he found the pack in Jaipur. He was welcomed into the family and has never thought about leaving.
Personality: Raja is a large guy but he really is a cub at heart. He loves to roll in the grass and play with cubs, and really anyone that wants to play. He is shy when it comes to females, but he will still try and make friends. He is very trustworthy and can give great advice about many things. Because he is very bubbly, he will be easy to approach and speak to.

Name: Kia
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Crush: Loki... he is sooo dreamy!
Mate: Loki
Cubs: None, but wants!
History: Kia was abandoned at a very young age. Her mother was killed by a rival pack of tigers and the other members of the pack didn't care for her much either. She was left to defend herself for a few months, but then she met Sahira and basically became her cub. She followed Sahira everywhere, even when she joined the pack in Jaipur.
Personality: Kia loves to play and fool around, but she can be serious. She is very protective of her "mom" and anyone that she befriends. She loves to talk and do other things with any tiger she sees. Often she is very gullible but it doesn't bother her much. She is just one large, white, stripped butterfly.

Name: Sahira
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Crush: None
Mate: None
Cubs: Adopted - Kia
History: Sahira was a rogue tigress for a long time. She wandered the jungle, searching for a place to call her home. One day she stumbled on a tiny cub that was maybe a year or two younger than her and decided to raise her. How could she leave the poor dear alone? She cared for Kia, as if she was her very own cub that she had brought into the world. Together, they finally found this pack and decided to join after a little tussle with Akuma.
Personality: Sahira may not be old enough to be an elder, but she has enough wisdom to serve as one. She is very calm and sweet, making her a perfect friend. She loves to help those that cannot help themselves. In her own time, she loves to swim and explore the land.

Name: Nero
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Crush: Not one female has caught his eye... in particular
Mate: None
Cubs: None
History: Nero ran away from his pack when he was a year old. He hated his father and the whole idea of pack life. He promised he would never again, join a pack. He wandered the jungles trees and vines for a long time, waiting in the water, feeling the cool breezes. But he found he was not really happy with his decision. He had nobody to talk to or to make laugh. He finally found Akuma's pack and asked if he could join. He was quickly accepted into the family and has been happy ever since.
Personality: Nero is a jokester. He loves to sneak up behind other tigers and scare them. He loves to run, fight, play, swim, and hunt. If you are ever feeling sad or alone, go talk to Nero and he can turn your frown, upside down!

Name: Ryu
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Crush: None yet
Mate: None
Cubs: None
History: Ryu grew up in his pack happily. He was raised learning the best techniques to do everything. He had so much promise that the whole pack helped to improve him. Well, when he was a very large boy, he attacked and killed the pack alpha. He ripped him to shreds while he slept. The pack was shocked by his behavior and they all ganged up on him, forcing him out of the pack. But even though he was gone, to roam alone, nobody would forget his treachery.
Personality: Ryu is very aggressive and will do as he pleases. He won't let anything or anyone get in his way. If he wants something, he is not afraid to take it. He has never gotten close to anyone since his betrayal, so it may be hard to become his friend.

Name: Diallo (pronounced DEE-ah-loh, means "Bold One")
Age: Cub
Gender: Male
Crush: Eww... That is gross!
Mate: Much too young for that!
Cubs: How can I if I am one?
History: Diallo was separated from his family. He doesn't know why or how. All he knows is they were running from something and he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, nobody was around him. He started crying int he jungle, until he was found by Kia.
Personality: Diallo is just what his name means. He is very brave for a cub and enjoys playing at all times. He is very curious and loves to explore things around him. Sometimes he has the tendency to run his mouth too much, but just give him something to play with and he will be silent. He does however, have a slight attention disorder, so keeping it may be hard for long periods of time.

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