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The Lost Ones

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The Lost Ones

Post by Junebug on Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:32 pm

Name: The Lost Ones

Type: Literate Fantasy Werewolf RP Site


Description: We welcome you to The Lost Ones, where werelings run the streets and dark areas of the lovely city of New York. We have two packs to choose from, beginning with the most popular one the feeds off the blood of the innocent and runs practically the darkness of Manhattan, we have Eternal Darkness, ruled by cunning, sinister woman, Alphess Noctavia (Me) alone. Along the beaches of Long Island rests another, more recent pack to the site is Venantium, brought to our attention through disaster ran by Alphess Teimhnin and her mate, Alpha Jace when an Eternal gets too close to his taking and ends up dead the next. Be cautious as to whom you choose, wereling, because it might just be the last one you'll ever make when dealing with both Alphas.

"....Choose your pack.... choose your fate... and begin your destiny..."

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