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Where broken dreams lie(Dog +18active and growing

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Where broken dreams lie(Dog +18active and growing

Post by PhanGuest on Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:06 pm

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Where Broken Dreams Lie

Where Broken Dreams Lie is a mature 18+ Stray Dog Role-Play, we are a newly formed site that consists of graphic as well as detailed role-playing.


Broken dreams lie at Hill-Ridge, can you survive to make new ones?

The dogs of Hill-Ridge are slowly rising, strays, pack dogs, and domesticated dogs are taking over, the dogs are thriving, forming packs, or doing their own thing. It's a every dog for them selves world. Each dog must choose their own destiny, will you choose to be a stray? Or pack dog? Or will you decide to live the pampered life of a pet?

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