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Let The Beat Drop *NotCensored/Mature*

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Let The Beat Drop *NotCensored/Mature*

Post by Junebug on Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:58 pm

Lilith Bane, 19 Years Old.

Living in a dorm wasn't her cup of tea, however now that the cold has finally made its presence of moving into the autumn skies, school days were coming to a halt for those students to attend their winter break with family. Lilith had no family to go to though, they left her long ago in a wreck and since then she had grown up in a couple of worthy folks that provided schooling and her best bets of getting into a nice college. And here she was, throwing piles of clothes here and there while listening to her annoying preppy roommate squeal over the phone to her boyfriend she says she loves even though they've been only dating about two months. Fortunately for her, Lilith was able to get away from it all for two weeks. Her reputation was known quite well through the halls, as it began with a single orientation night on her freshman first day of college. When the alcohol finally got to her, her fun side was brought out and she ended the night with waking up to a blonde in her bed. When her class found out her secret, Lilith never bothered then to speak to anyone about it since. Her roommate on the other hand didn't care, as she was too busy as it was with her fit of sports and what-nots.

Finally, after a few hours of watching her roommate pack and leave in her boyfriend's car, Lilith turned back to her dorm room to slip into a comfy dark blue and white sweater and ripped black skinny jeans, combing out her black and hotpink streaked hair down her shoulders. Her room was very dull, asides from her roommate's splashes of color towards her side of the room, Lilith's side was nothing more than a couple posters of either bands she preferred or a really hot chick in a blue bikini up next to her pillow on the top bunk. With a bored mind, she watched the window become fogged with frost as light pinches of snow fell from the cloudy white skies. This was not how she planned to spend her vacation. Slipping on her beanie and changing her contacts out for her geeky glasses, Lilith played with her lip piercing while thrusting her feet into her black converse sneakers. Locking the dorm door, she grabbed her wallet and black hoodie before heading outside for a walk. As she did this, she lite a smoke up between her lips, puffing just once into the cold hair to see her breath and the puff of the drug swirl in the air. Her shoes made a tapping noise on the sidewalk path, scooting them down along the town blocks till she reached off-campus towards downtown.

Coming to a stop just short of the middle of town, Lilith took a turn and walked into a coffee shop. It smelt wonderful, and she couldn't bare to forget a cup before she left at least. Very few people were in the room, so it was nice to have a bit of silence as she moved into the short line. As it was her turn, she ordered a caramel latte blankly to the cashier and payed. When she had her order, she isolated herself from the rest to sit in the corner of the shop in a comfy booth near the book shelves. A redhead across the room had seemed to catch her eyes, but when a male scooted towards the woman, her green gaze shifted back to her cup. It was useless, why did she even try sometimes...

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Re: Let The Beat Drop *NotCensored/Mature*

Post by NotCensored on Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:18 pm

Cheyanne Pierce 18 yrs. old
Having a hangover from the night before was horrible. Cheyanne doesn't even hardly remember the night. Walking down the sidewalk, trying to find a place to stop and warm up. She was freezing her ass off in this autumn scene. She loves the cold, but doesn't know how to face it. She's still wearing the same outfit from the night before and it isn't an outfit you would see in this time of day. Wearing a shirt that's cut like a tank top, but flows out. It's black with sequence playing out as a raven. She wore three sliver, black and white necklaces around her neck. With a leather jacket covering the autumn chill and her sleeved tattoos on her arms. She's covered in tattoos, mostly on her arms though. Sleeves and one that's a feather turning into tiny ravens on her right side abdomen. Lower on her body is ripped dark grey leggings. Also a pair of combat boot that has mud and scratches on the bottom, who knows where it's from, probably from the night before. Her light, light blonde hair is curled, flowing to the front all the way down her chest and rest on her belly. She lives by herself, so she doesn't have to worrying about anyone lecturing her or waking anyone up. Chey ran away from home a few years back, since her mother married a man who tried act like her father. Her real father got in an accident and died. She ran away from home and moved into grandma's house on her dad's side of the family. She finished high school and now is a tattoo artist. She takes college classes online, but not on campus. It was her dream to go to a real college, but since the accident with her dad and her mom. Stuff went a different way. Chey now lives by herself, since her grandmother is in a nursing home. Chey doesn't visit her often, since her grandma is close to dying. She's only 65 yrs old, but she's also a smoker. Chey is a smoker as well, but she doesn't do cigarettes. Weed is more her thing, but she's not addicted as much as her friends are. But she doesn't focus on the past, she focuses on the future...
Still walking on the street, as her hair flows with the morning chill and her leggings giving no support at all for warmth. Her head still throbbing like crazy, Chey's memory only remembers the beginning and the end of the night. The beginning started out as everyone partying and a group playing spin the bottle. When it was her turn, she got paired up with a lesbian chick. She doesn't mind because she's lesbian as well. The chick took her hand and shoved her into the closet. The male locked them in there, mumbling a few snide comments before speaking up, "Only seven minutes. If you goes all the way, take it upstairs." They both shrugged and begin there business. It only went halfway, since the chick wanted her to meet her upstairs before the night is over. Chey smiled and fixed herself before exiting. Now before you know, Chey got drunk of coarse and ended up, waking up to two girls naked, laying beside her. She doesn't remember another girl coming in, but Chey notices the chick wasn't there with her. It was two different girls. She shrugged and dressed herself, kissing them on the cheek. She fixed her make up and left. Her car was back at the house, since a group of people picked her up. All morning she has been walking. Not knowing anywhere to go.
She did remember that there was a coffee shop up ahead, burying her hands in her jacket pockets. She dragged out a bus ticket and two dollars in change. She cursed under her breath, but she decides to go because they probably have the heater on. Walking inside she finds a girl cleaning table, male and female grabbing each other's hands, an old man smiling at her, and scenic female in the back. She smiles with her eyes behind her tinted sunglasses before moving over and sits across from the female. She had to admit, she's attractive for a scenic chick. Crossing her legs and leans back against the leathered cushions. Chey decided to pull off her sunglasses to reveal her think eyeliner and mascara. Her eye shadow was black to give a shaded tint to her icy blue eyes. Her lips were firing red, since the dry weather had made her lick her lips constantly. She takes off her leather jacket to showoff her sleeve tattoos up the length of her arms. Her tan skin goose bumped from her bare skin touching the leather couch before she leaned forward to rest her elbows on her knees, showing off a part of laced bra and cleavage. She spoke in innocent tone with a slight cockiness, "Chey, night to meet....?" She raised an eyebrow as her right boot began to tape on the wooden floor to a random beat she heard in a band once. She lowered her voice, seeming a bit causal then suspicious. "I'll go out and say it. You're attractive and you seem alone. Where's your boyfriend?" Chey wanted to know if this girl is straight, Bi, or lesbian, so she just gave a slight trick to the question.

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