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Post by DarkWolfProwler on Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:37 am

Nicknames: - You may call me Dark, Wolf, DW, DarkWolfProwler, Wolfy, DarkWolf or whatever you like. You may hear some call me Azul, Quinn, or Damian (those are my characters on other sites) -

Your Personality: - Well, to start off, I am very awesome. Many wish they could be as awesome as me. I work full time for the AF, so in my free time, I like to RP and play video games. I am very open and expressive with how I feel. I am energetic and tons of fun to be around. I try to make the best of every situation, even when they totally suck! -

Comfort Zone: - I am very comfortable with just about anything. I have played many characters PRIOR to creating Phantasia with JuneBug. Here are my likes/dislikes for better understanding:

Mature content
Sexual content
Slave/Master - Bondage
Abuse - both verbal and physical/sexual
Dom/Sub - I will play either
Anime or Realistic (pictures)
Humanoid, Ferals, Anthros, and Fantasy (if you wanna know what these are, message me) and yes, I will have them be romantic between any or all.
Tons of other things!

   Scat/Urine... YUCK
   Anal when playing a female... Idk why... I just hate it!
   Umm... can't think of it right now.... -

How Long Have You Been RPing?: - I have been RPing for many years... At least 10 or close to it... Something like that. -

What Other Sites Do You Play On?: - I have many:
Age Of The Wolves - Owned and Created By Me - Realistic Wolf RP Site
Alpha Azul - Alpha Male of Helidos, Elite Kenai of Helidos, Apprentice Lucas of Helidos
Lunari Addunt - Owned and Created By Me - Literate Fantasy RP Site
Dominus Demetri - Leader of Vampires, General Liara - Leader of Humans
Haven's Grove - Administrator - Realistic Literate Wolf RP Site
Alphess Quinn of Maple Woods, Warrior Chaz of Pine Summit
The Lost Ones - Assistant Moderator - Literate Werewolf RP Site
Elite Damian of Eternal Darkness, Beta Natasha of Venantium
Incandescence - Moderator - Realistic Post Apocalyptic Wolf RP Site
Elect Jack of Aiseiri
DreamWorld - Administrator - Literate RP Forum
DarkWolfProwler - Many Threads/Characters
Anime Roleplay Realm - Member - Literate RP Forum
DarkWolfProwler - Many Threads/Characters
Imperium Vividae - Member - Literate RP Forum
DarkWolfProwler - Many Threads/Characters
The Fate Of Five - Member - Literate Warrior Cat RP Site
DarkWolfProwler - ShadowClaw

How Did You Find Phantasia?: - I helped create it! -

Would You Refer Us To Friends?: - Me, Myself, and I -

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