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Digimon: World Champions (Open ~ Mature)

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Digimon: World Champions (Open ~ Mature)

Post by DarkWolfProwler on Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:15 am

Finally the Digi Destined conquered the evil Devimon. The world has been saved and digimon tamers everywhere have finally found peace and quiet. As the team finally completed their task, they decided to go their separate ways for a while and have some alone or vacation time. Matt had been looking to some time alone with his best friend, Gabumon. When the team finally decided to split, he was over joyed. Now it was time to think of the best place to actually vacation. It had to be somewhere near the beach, nice and warm with a beautiful scenery. He knew that Gabumon would love the adventure and much needed vacation as well.


Months, possibly years seemed to pass by. Matt was now 21 and not only interested in digimon. He was handsome and incredibly dashing. He would spend his days on the beaches, talking to females and hanging out with his best friend in the whole world. He would hear from his other friends from time to time. Occasionally they discussed seeing one another again, but nothing serious or for certain. There had been no sense of danger in a long time.

Krystal had been wandering the digital world with her faithful friend, Renamon. At just 19, she had been a digimon tamer for about 6 years. She loved Viximon, but Renamon was by far her favorite digivolution! Her favorite place of all was in the mountains and the forests. She and her faithful sidekick, would just explore and explore, always smiling.

[[So, I'm looking for anyone who wants to play Digimon! Your character can be from the actual show, or you can make up your own! All I ask is that you keep the digimon to real digimon that are actually in the show. The highest season I want to go to would have to be the second to last season (which is right before they started transforming with the digimon!!) This is open for anyone and everyone, and if you wanna do some mature stuff... just let me know... I'll be down to play Wink]]

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